10 Fun Times While Potty Training

We Learn From Our Experiences.

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Apparently, sitting is the biggest hurdle to potty training. There are some kids that just don’t sit. Expecting my son who doesn’t sit for meals to sit for the potty is like expecting the Dalai Lama to eat meat. It just isn’t going to happen.

Cleanliness or Messiness

Some kids are neat freaks. They hate wet underwear. They hate when things are out of order. They like routine. Well, thankfully my son’s that kid. Initially, the wet underwear freaked him out so much that he quickly looked for the potty. Guess what though? He’s still a toddler. Toddlers everywhere love being “creative” with their messes. It wasn’t long before he figured out how to tell me to clean up the mess after he made the mess. Then, it became a game. If I make a mess, I get to be the “boss” and tell mom to clean it up. Yes, you see me rolling my eyes while putting my cleaning gloves on.

What If There Are No Signs

One of the biggest tricks to potty training is to watch for the signs that your toddler is about to go. Well, I watched. I watched him intently. I watched his body language while he ran around playing with his toys. Still, there were simply no signs. Does your toddler do the squat? Does your toddler grunt? Well, what if my toddler just lets it go on the spot with NO WARNING? Yes, I know. I’m screwed. Until my toddler has words, I’m pretty screwed for potty training.

No Diaper Means No Diaper

Did you know that once you go diaper free during that day, there’s a chance that your toddler might refuse to wear anything at all? Well, this happened to us. I wish I was warned about this one. Once we went diaper free during the day, suddenly diapers are the scratchiest thing on earth. Good luck trying to get a diaper on your toddler at night. It will mean a meltdown every night at bedtime. It also means that you’ve got to waterproof the bed. Stock up on extra sheets. Oh yes, reach for that oxi-clean.

Does The Bladder Double In Size?

Somewhere around a toddler’s third birthday, if you are still lucky enough to be able to get a diaper on your toddler at night, you will notice that the diaper is not enough anymore. Your toddler didn’t go to bed with a drink in hand. Your toddler didn’t have a whole load of juice at dinner. How does your toddler wake up in a puddle every morning with a full diaper on? There’s no leakage as far as you can see. The diaper literally weighs a pound. Well, sometimes, if you are lucky, your toddler climbs into your bed at 5:30 am in the morning. Then, your toddler unleashes “the goods” at 7 am on top of you. I just hope you love waking up to the sound of water streaming down your body or your face.

The Aim

At some point during potty training, your toddler is skilled enough to aim. You watch your toddler with precision to make sure everything goes in the potty. You forget that your toddler is just a really funny, and mischievous human being. Your toddler will stare into your eyes while you talk about the correct aim, then pretend to aim to the side of the potty ever so slightly on purpose. While you raise your voice, your toddler will laugh at the joke he just made. Your toddler knows there will be no sticker at the end of this potty trip. Apparently, stickers at every potty trip quickly gets old.

Potty In The Trunk

If you are lucky to get to this point of potty training, you are almost there. Success is within your reach. You just have to make sure your toddler can do the business on outings. At this point, your toddler probably has no trouble alerting you of potty trips. Your toddler also loves wearing underwear.

Confusion Over Potty And Play

This is by far the worst nightmare of every parent. At some point, your toddler discovers that poop feels like play dough and pee is just “magic” water. Even my neat toddler went through a few potty trips where the fascination with “waste” just overcomes any “OCD” urges. Even with my screams of “No” and “yuck” spat out from the side of my mouth, a lot of cleaning and showering were involved at cleaning up the messes from these accidental play sessions. Well, “creativity”, I blame you for everything.

Unclogging The Drain

After 3 months of consistent potty training, you will get frustrated. Your toddler can sense your frustration. You are a great parent. You are in sync with your child. Well, your child is also in sync with you. Sensing toilet training stress from you, your toddler will attempt to hold it. This means, waiting, waiting, and waiting some more. You thought messy underwear is hard to deal with. Wait until when you have to unclog the drain that’s stuffed up because of all the “holding back”. The screams involved at unclogging that severely stuffed up drain is no joke. Not to mention the cries and the tantrums that show up afterward. Really, sometimes, it’s better to just look on the bright side.

The Hi-Five

The best part of potty training is definitely the success. Along the way, you need plenty of those to keep your toddler on track. Your toddler will also gain more confidence with each success. Please don’t expect Hi-Fives. I’m always amazed when other parents can get their toddler to Hi-Five them after a potty training session. Well, apparently, the novelty of a Hi-Five wears off after 2.5 years old. My toddler doesn’t like to give me ANY satisfaction. He’d rather torture me as I look for “parenting” validation in a Hi-Five. Nope, mom, none for you today. Yes, I successfully did my business in a potty today.

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