10 Signs That You Are An Influencer

The good, the bad, and the super ugly are all a part of the job.

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Trolls and stalkers sending “vile” your way in buckets

I cannot tell you how many times I scroll through comments on influencer’s posts and see trolls after trolls. People make it their business to be mean to influencers. It almost seems like competitors hired these people purposely to take you down.

Offers come your way. Doors open automatically for you.

You hear all your friends say that too many offers to choose from is great. But, you don’t feel that way. It seems that there is no way to weed out good offers from bad ones. You just have to get to all of them. In this case, hard work is an understatement. Immediately, you need to transform into a superhero overnight.

People are dropping your name.

One of the first things you will notice once you become an influencer is the sheer amount of people who will be quoting you and your name. You will have no idea who these people are. But, you know that they are helping to spread your influence around at the same time as getting their influence out there as well. Some of them will feel a bit like stalkers showing up at the places of your work saying that they know you from somewhere.

You have trouble soliciting “honest” feedback

Suddenly, everyone says you are great. You notice the grammar errors. You notice that you are only “half” funny. But, everyone’s laughing so you must be very funny. But, the truth is that everyone needs to improve.

People talk about you using adjectives you would never describe yourself

Is this even for real? People talk about you as “awe-inspiring”, “expert”, “skilled”, “successful”, and “bigger than life”. You have no idea where they get this from. After all, all you did was chronicle a part of your life or work. In real life, you grapple with the same mind-boggling problems of living everyday life as anyone else.

People claim they know you at very odd run-ins

You go to the park. Someone recognizes you and carries on a conversation with you. Midway into the conversation, you realize that they are in this very place because they found out your itinerary. They were there, especially, to meet you. You feel stalked. But, somehow, you feel that you have no right to be unhappy about this. After all, this is the latest evidence that you are now “famous”.

Lawsuits come your way

Many stars and politicians deal with this. Suddenly, there’s a necessity to retain a lawyer because every little thing you did in your past life is up for a close examination. If you are lucky, it’s only your work that people will scrutinize. But, otherwise, everything in your relationships are up for grabs.

You feel like you are living two lives

After a while, your alter-ego feels like another person you are inhabiting the body of. Even if you are authentic about who you are and present that as your persona, you will still encounter instances where your real life doesn’t match up to what you see as your alter-ego’s life.

You can’t finish anything

When everything you do is scrutinized, you can’t seem to finish a thing. The truth is that you feel the pressure for everything to be perfect now. Before, an article took an hour to write. Now, an article takes four hours to write. Even then, you are not sure if all your tenses are correct, or if you used the right words. Are you offending anyone?

You can’t make an honest friend

All your friends seem to suddenly fall into two categories. Neither of these categories is welcoming. One category is envy. This category contains all your friends who are just suddenly envious of your success, talking to them seems like you are walking on tiptoes. On the other hand, some friends suddenly see you as someone who can do-no-wrong. When did you become someone with no flaws? There are so many unrealistic expectations about what you can accomplish, all you want to do is bury your head in your pillow.

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