A Single Mom Writer’s Life with AI

My Life Re-imagined with Artificial Intelligence.

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That was that.

As I opened my eyes, Anna’s eyes blinked at me. “You told me to use my light if bumping you didn’t work.” Anna sensed my resentment. I guess the latest model of Anna employs “empathy”.

“Great”, I thought.

Empathy will be useful when the kids are around.

“Did you make my coffee?” I asked Anna while I hopped into the bathroom for a quick shower.

“No, what do you think? Even Version 1 can make you a cup of coffee!” Anna replied as she headed downstairs.

“Wow, prepackaged humor! That’s a first. Oh, it’s been 45 days. She must’ve learned. Good grief. In a year, who is Anna going to become?” I pondered on this question some more as I showered.

After 30 minutes, I’m out of the shower. I go through my self-care routine. I double check myself in the mirror. I put on a comfortable shirt to go to the office.

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All right. Today is “Creation Day”!

It’s been 3 weeks since we’ve had “Creation Day” at the office. Creation Day reminds me of the old days when I used to stay up until 3am in the morning to write my essays for publications. Now that the “bots” write my thoughts down for me while I slept, I only get to see them all laid out on “Creation Day”. It’s my favorite time of the month.

“Creation Day” kicks off a week of testing and generation. During this week, I train my bots to write screenplays, books and magazine articles from the ideas generated from my consciousness and unconsciousness. Through the writing process, I review the products to select the best ones to publish.

Sometimes, it’s literally impossible to make sense of all the products that are created. Once in a while, I get “a gem”. When I do, I edit it vigorously. I write and re-write the “gem” until I am completely satisfied. Then, I click the publish button.

“Here’s your coffee.” Anna hands me the cup.

“Thanks, Anna. Can you go wake up the kids?” I take a sip of my coffee and proceed down to my basement office.

Lights lit up for me as I walk down the stairs. Soon, the bots wake up. A stream of eyes stare up at me.

“It’s Creation Day, today.” Everyone shouts in unison.

“I know. I’m only down here to collect my notebook. But, I will be back later.”

“Good bye.” The bots shout after me as I head back up the stairs.

I left my notebook last night at the office. The notebook contains my Series notes on my books. I’m hoping that I can finally publish the next installment in my Series. This year, I’ve finally achieved best-seller status on this Series under a small category for audience between the age groups of 13 and 16 years olds. Even though the category is small, the market is huge. Hopefully, sales will finally pick up on the entire Series.

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“Mom, can you wake me up tomorrow, please?”

“Mom, I don’t like it when Anna comes into my room in the morning?”

My kids run up to me. They are both dressed. Anna’s standing behind them holding their packed bags.

“Thank you, Anna.”

“Now, I’m going to drive you guys to school today.”

“No, you are not. You said that last week. You don’t even know how to drive our car anymore. The new model’s manual feature is “beyond” you. Remember?”

“Oh right, Anna, I need you to drive these guys to school.”

“I’m sorry, I’m your house robot, Anna. You didn’t buy the Deluxe Anna with driving and shopping capibilities.”

“Okay, all right. Once we get paid this month, I will upgrade you, Anna.”

“Kids, Mom’s driving you to school.”

“Yes! Mom, can you play “go fish” with me while the car drives us?”

“Yes, sure. That will be fun. Anna, where’s that deck of cards?”

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