Alzheimer’s, Healthcare and AI

AI is changing the way we treat Alzheimer’s Disease

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There’s a misconception that Alzheimer’s patients are not lucid.

In fact, the rate of disease progression in Alzheimer’s patients differs widely from patient to patient. Some patients can lead an active lifestyle in the lucid state for years before languishing between the lucid and non-lucid states.

But, her humanity touched me. My humanity gave her solace in a time that must’ve been extremely fearful for her.

  • Neurons lose connection with one another and stop functioning.

A better quality of life means that the patient will be able to have a dignified progression into his or her disease. Cost to society as well as to family members can be drastically reduced with a better quality of life.

In recent years, innovative treatments have enabled doctors to delay the progression of the disease in some patients. These treatments must be administered early to effective. Early diagnosis in the pre-clinical period is essential in this case.

It’s as if the radiologists are looking for a needle in a haystack.

Dr. Jae Ho Sohn, MD. MS’s team of scientists trained a machine learning algorithm on 1,921 scans. Then, they tested out the algorithm on patients who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The algorithm correctly identified 92 percent of the patient in the first set and 98% of patients in the second test set. The predictions were made 6 years before the patients received their final diagnosis.

Who better to look for a needle in a haystack than a machine equipped with the most sensitive of pattern recognition capabilities built for this exact purpose?

Supplementing human work can improve:

  • Human’s perceptions of their own work.
  • Combining the best features of both humans and AI Systems for a more well-rounded approach to problem-solving.

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