Astonishing Facts About the Octopus

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Octopus is a soft-bodied sea creature (cephalopod) with tentacles that extends out. When the octopus moves around the coral reefs and the seabed, it looks like a giant “hand” sweeping the ocean floor. It’s a cute creature that surprises all of us with its amazing biology and abilities.

Octopus is the most intelligent of all invertebrates.

Intelligence in invertebrates means the process of acquiring, storing in memory, retrieving, combining, comparing and using context information and conceptual skills. — Wikipedia

Octopus is the most intelligent of all invertebrates. Scientists who studied the Octopus found that that it can work through mazes, open jars, and learn new skills. Octopus adapts to its surroundings by changing camoflouge readily; changing the way it handles its prey depending on the species and changing the way that it passes through water depending on whether predators are present.

The Octopus brain starts at its bunch of paired ganglia and distributes all along the octopus’s tentacles. It’s a perfect “distributed” model of intelligence. Scientists study the octopus to understand this intelligence mechanism to use it to create the soft robotic arms.

Octopus can walk up right.

Coconut octopus can walk up right. It is one of two species that can walk up right. This octopus is so smart that it can even conceal tools while it hides in a clam shell. If a predator comes along, it can deploy the tool in defense.

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Octopus can live in the deep sea.

The dumbo octopus lives in the deep open sea or 13,000 feet down. This octopus lives where no fishing nets can reach. It flaps its ear-like fins to move. It eats other pelagic invertebrates and lays eggs on the sea floor.

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Octopus can see with their skin.

The Octopus adapts to its environment by adjusting the color and pigment of its skin to take on the characteristics of its environment. It literally sees with its own skin. Then, it can adapt its skin’s pigmentation to its environment.

Octopus can pretend to be anything.

Octopus is the master of camouflage. It pretends to swim like a shark.It pretends to be a part of the coral reefs. It can even pretend to be a clam. This octopus is actually bringing the clam shell with it so that it can readily pretend to be a clam.

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Octopus have three hearts and blue blood.

Octopus have three hearts. It has one systematic heart that circulates body around two branchial hearts. The systematic heart is inactive when the animal is swimming. The blood of an octopus is blue and contains the copper-rich protein haemocyanin to transport oxygen. Haemocyanin dissolved in plasma and gives the blood the blue color.

Here’s my favorite youtube video to learn more about the octopus.

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