Being Good Enough Every Day Is Just As Good as Being Great

If you show up every day, it all adds up.

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I realized that the trick to writing is to simply write.

Being “Good Enough” every day adds up to solid results at the end of the month. As long as I showed up (even if late), I will be able to reap the rewards later on.

In the beginning, it was simply hard

I remember at the beginning of getting up in the middle of the night to write, my son would sense that I woke up and wake up, too. I’d end up making him pancakes and entertain him until he went back to sleep. It would be 5 am by then. I’d take an hour to write an article and submit it to a publication.

In time, everything became easier.

Writing prolifically

In the middle of my fourth month of writing regularly, I mastered the art of writing prolifically. When I spent time thinking over ideas for my articles during the day, I can usually write a good article in about an hour or two.

Mindset change

The one thing that persistently held me back as a writer is: perfectionism. In the beginning, I scrutinized my choices of wording and sentence structures too much. In time, my mindset changed.

Writing can lead to other careers

In this day and age, everyone’s trying to claim expertise in a subject matter. Experts often use writing as a tool to publicize their work. When I started to write, I still thought of myself as a technologist. By writing, I am hoping to go back to my career as a technologist. Writing is a kind of a bridge for all the careers that I’m passionate about. Writing is also a bridge for all the entrepreneurial activities that I embark on.

Writing helps me reflect on past careers, past experiences, and past passions in a way that allows me to take these passions to the next level.

Sometimes, writing client articles even pushes me into learning new technologies and stay on top of technology trends.

Writer, Technologist: Tech|Future|Leadership (Forbes-AI, Behind the Code)

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