Chris Fox, I really appreciate your perspective. I realize not everyone likes to project themselves. I like coding forums where people can voice their opinions without having to out themselves unless they want to. I also like Quora where you get to share expertise with others. I’m sorry about your coworker in Microsoft. Sometimes, management really makes it hard for people to have job satisfaction. That’s something I also encountered when I was in finance IT. I love what you said about how, “The way I want to project myself at work is as a guy who can be counted on.” I think that is the way that you are marketing yourself. I understand the mentality of not wanting to deal with the social aspects of workplace if your interests are different. I’ve also worked in places that I felt like I didn’t fit in. Rather than trying to, it was easier just to have a no-nonsense work approach without a lot of small talk, socializing, and networking. But, I always felt that eventually I’d want a better job in a better place where I could potentially fit in (even with just one person). Being a programmer is lonely AF sometimes, having people who knows your quirks and accept your differences just makes work that much more fun and easier. Perhaps, I look to that as the perk of working for a company rather than working freelance. In any case, thanks for giving me a different perspective on this.

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