Do You Just Need Space?

When you are mixing energy with the same people for days on end…

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Put on some earbuds

I was never that mom who will put space between my little one and me with an electronic device. Yet, I’m noticing that podcasts that I listen to while fixing breakfast in the morning helps me to be a lot more patient throughout the day.

Stagger workday between meaningful social interactions

If you have flexibility in your workday, stagger your calls and work interactions in between interactions with your family members. Your kids have their online lessons in the morning. Your significant other is watching them while you got your work done. When you end your conference call 15 minutes early, you pop in and grab those popsicle sticks out of the freezer and see your kid’s faces light up over their Zoom call.

Go for a walk as a family

You can still go out when you are social distancing. We go out once a day when the weather is nice. If you are lucky and all of your kids can ride bikes, go for a bike ride.

Notice and communicate when you need space

Children have this uncanny ability to be truthful about when they need to “check out”. They escape. Mine will just hide beneath a blanket for a while. This is sensory overload.

Create your own space

You can live in a shoebox and still create some much needed personal space. Claim your area where you are spending most of your day to work. Draw an actual physical line if you must.

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