George J. Ziogas, I really loved this article. I think “grieving” process invokes the need to let go. I’ve gone through some heavy issues of “loss” in my grieving process in the past few years. Letting go was kind of the center of this grieving process.

I was obsessed with reading about people who have suffered huge losses in their life. Then, it clicked that I wasn’t ready to “let go” of the losses I’ve suffered or somehow I’m still blaming myself for my own actions in these situations.

I think forgiving others is way easier than forgiving yourself. That is where I often have trouble is being able to forgive myself for being in these situations. It is irrational at times, because not all of these situations I could have control over the circumstances.

I think “letting go” requires a feeling of “control” in your own destiny. You don’t actually get any “control” back until you’ve practiced self-care and taking responsibility for your life to feel confident enough to take back this “control”.

So, I think it’s a long process for people who’ve had losses. For me personally, it’s an uphill battle every day. But, it gets easier the more confident I become.

That is the real key: confidence is the real key to taking your power back and being able to let go.

Thanks for this article and so many thoughts it inspired here. Have a great Sunday!

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