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Mindful ways to simply connect with your child through everyday moments.

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We are expected to “connect” with our children and to enjoy our time with them.

On a recent Saturday morning, I took my son to a local Children’s Museum. It was my attempt to spend quality time with my son. Well, every other working parent in town had the same idea. The Children’s Museum was very crowded. After 30 minutes inside, my son wanted to go home. He was overstimulated from all the noise. I ended up driving a cranky toddler home.

Am I trying too hard? Connecting with our children should not be a chore!

It wasn’t long before I broke our cycle of going out every Saturday.

Mindful Ways to Connect with Your Child Every Day

Give your child a hug

No matter the age, a hug is a great way to show warmth to your child. A hug conveys love and understanding. It will calm both the parent and the child. When you are exhausted, reach for a hug.

Have a conversation with your child

Children learn emotions by having their feelings validated. Start a conversation with your children by asking a question. Then, listen to their responses.

Empathize with their feelings.

Finally, tell them how you feel. By sharing feelings and validating them, you and your children will both feel understood in the process.

Work side by side with your child

Every day, we are often sidetracked by our chores. They seem to never end. Why not do your chores with your child? Ask your child to help you make the bed. Ask your child to water the plants while you vacuum the living room. Give your child a cloth wipe and ask your child to wipe down the table.

Performing these simple activities, your child can feel a family connection.

Slow down one moment of your day and savor it with your child

Take one moment each day and slow it down. Then, really savor it with your child. For example, while walking your child to school, you can stop by a beautiful patch of flowers. Comment on the flowers. Smell the flowers with your child. Then, talk about those flowers on your way to school. Years later, your child won’t remember the flowers that you spoke about.

Instead, your child will remember the joy from this moment of closeness.

Show your child a passion that’s important to you

Rather than trying to play with your child at your child’s level, show your child one of your passions. If you love drawing, draw with your child. If you love writing, write with your child. If you love playing ball, then play ball with your child. It doesn’t matter if your child is interested in this activity or not. It doesn’t matter if your child has a talent for the activity.

Your passion will inspire your children to find their passion.

Sharing the moment together is much more important.

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