Heath ዟ, Kyrie Gray, Jessica Lovejoy, Anna Rozwadowska, Zulie Rane,

To be fair, I see how you all must have felt about the list now. I understand the feeling completely.

However, I do not think this list was intended to incite competition. Instead, it was intended to inspire writers to write in different tags on Medium.

By spreading out writing in different “hot topics” or topics with higher ROI on Medium, we can in fact lessen competition between us in tags that are just getting too crowded.

We are all good writers. We deserve both to be paid well for our work as well as being a part of a community that supports us.

That is what Michael has been trying to do here.

Through paying attention to the tags that we write in; Through asking ourselves the series of “important questions” toward the end of the article, we can in fact reevaluate our own end goals writing on Medium. Tweaking our strategies, we can gain more of a steady income and support ourselves in the “harsh world” of writing while supporting each other.

It’s not utopia of writer’s support group but he’s trying to help us get there as much as possible.

Although heated words were exchanged today about this post, I feel compelled to chime in as Michael has put in an unbelievable amount of work to build something that he hoped would help uplift others.

It was his way of giving back.

No matter what happens on this post, I hope that we can see his good intentions and take it as that.

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Writer, Technologist: Tech|Future|Leadership (Forbes-AI, Behind the Code)

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