Hi Mark,

I’m a new writer on Medium who is interested to write more about food. I didn’t know that you were starting a publication with Medium about Food until yesterday.

I sent a proposal to Medium team about wanting to start a food publication of my own to give a voice to writers who are passionate about food. I feel that there are writers on Medium who write in other genres who have powerful voices. They also come from a variety of food cultures. Most of them are very passionate about food. With their powerful voices, we can expect to see a different kind of food writing that can inspire people to go out and take a leap with their food selections.

Recently, I wrote this piece as a test pilot and it was curated. I feel that there’s an audience who relate to strong writing voices here on Medium.

I’m currently working on a piece called: “Mom, Are you having a ramen-orgasm?” as well as a piece called: “Healing Post Partem with Organ Meats”.

I know these might not be the kind of articles you might curate into your publication but I wonder if there can be a place for the passionate, exotic and the adventurous in your publication.

Thank you for starting your publication. You have amazing goals for your publication for sustainability and affodability of food that I fully support. I am looking forward to reading the articles in your publication.


Jun Wu

Written by

Writer, Technologist: Tech|Future|Leadership (Forbes-AI, Behind the Code)

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