Hi Michael, I see the issues you’ve laid out here. I also see the urgency of it all. But I believe our biggest hurtles in getting are two folds:

  • lack of empathy in our general society
  • lack of respect for “character” of the individual in our general society.

If we don’t even have these two in our society and trickle down the generation, we can not have ethical AI in organization, governments and in our rules of law.

So, we need to make these two things a central priority going forward. You are right before we transition there, there will be vast ambiguity. We can not roll out technology that’s not regulated by ethics. Unfortunately, that’s going to happen because of the race to the top with China over AI.

So, how can law enforcement and government proactively account for this “ambiguity” in our future and put controls in place (even temporary controls) so that technology won’t wreck our society. That is another we need to answer.

Thanks for the shoutout and driving the ethics questions home! I will be tweeting this article out and writing more on this topic.

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Writer, Technologist: Tech|Future|Leadership (Forbes-AI, Behind the Code)

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