Hi Sam H Arnold, I’m sorry about your daughter’s sensory issues. We had our share at 2 years old as well. It is difficult. It is not easy to deal with these sensory issues. But, I didn’t know this at the time. But, if you diligently work on these issues, by 3 years old, your daughter will be able to adjust a bit better. I think the state of learning to communicate and coupled with sensory issues, can be hard on the child. I agree that getting down at your child’s level is the way to go. We’ve also found success in physical activities and montessori activities. These activities foster independence while allowing you to do them with her. The engagement at the end of the day, I feel is paramount. It literally pay dividends later on for emotional health, as well as for cognitive development. Emotionally safe social activities is really the key to early childhood development. I’m not an expert. I’m writing a novel here. But, in any case, you are a great mother. These issues she may have now will seem like a distant memory years later. Perhaps, the issues will even enable you to have a firmer bond with her. Sending much love on her development and your journey as a parent.

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