Hi, We had the same thought about teaching children to program. Not to self advertise on your article. But, I wrote this one today. It’s a part of my Coding and Writing Series on The Writing Cooperative.

What I focused on was also early childhood and teaching fundamentals. I realized that as a coder, I have been teaching my 3 years old all these concepts in my post without realizing I was doing it.

I loved your article where you went through many computer science concepts at the end and wanted to find the child friendly way to teach these concepts to children such as: ordering, pattern matching etc..

Montessori activities often contain many computer science concepts. I also loved your story about staring at the book shelve and have the time to think about how to order the books.

I believe as you do that in free time, we naturally experiment with concepts. When a child can naturally experiment with different computer science concepts to perform a simple task, that is better than type in front of a computer any day.

This is also how our kids get creative with their coding, efficient with coding, and appreciate simplicity.

I’m bookmarking your article for further reading as I am writing another article about teaching children AI concepts. I am not a teacher but I do a ton of research for my articles. I will use your article as a reference.

Thanks for writing this one. I will be sharing it on my social media channels.

Writer, Technologist: Tech|Future|Leadership (Forbes-AI, Behind the Code)

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