Homeschooling Is About Organization

#2 Be creative with how you structure your day.

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Write Down A Schedule On A Board

Organization is the key to homeschooling. You must have a curriculum. Order one online. You must have some workbooks. For younger children, you’ve got to get some manipulative toys. We ordered a Montessori curriculum online and got the initial set of toys to match.

Stagger Academic/Creative/Physical Activities

With children less than six years old, it’s essential not to expect them to sit still during the activities. Some children, who are 4 or 5 years old, may finish a few activities at the table. But they need breaks.

  • creative activities (painting, play dough, drawing, craft, construction, etc..)
  • physical activities (playground, riding a bike, riding a scooter, hiking, gymnastics, etc..)

Use Electronic Device Time Wisely

I work from home. I’m very well aware of how much time my son spends on an electronic device. Every day, I try to minimize it. However, going through educational apps on the Ipad can allow my son to absorb the knowledge or the skill he just learned.

Work and Homeschool Can Go Together

When you start to look at homeschooling as a part of your day along with work, you begin to feel like it’s merely a “work” project. I start my day with homeschool. Then, I move on to work after my son’s lesson is over.

Intentional Socialization Can Be Managed

Homeschool does not mean that your child is alone all the time. We’ve been capitalizing on playground time in the summer to establish a small group of playmates (who thankfully) also decided to homeschool. At around 11 pm each day, everyone’s on the playground decompressing from morning lessons.

Capitalize On The Freedom To Follow Your Child

We’ve always taken the “follow the child” motto seriously. But, now is the time to capitalize on the freedom of homeschool to play to your child’s interest. We have all of this free time that our one to two hours of lessons don’t cover.

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