I agree with you for your entire comment except this particular line.. Well the definition of strongest or most dominant is not explicit. I believe as you say that there are opposing forces that must be paired. But, I also believe that nature is so severe as you say. Strongest or most dominant is not what meets the eye. In the entire scope of things, we do need each other. In each other, we find meaning and we can actually BE something. However, we as individuals also have a kind of essence that prevails even when the greatest force tries to pair it, assimilate it, or overcome it. These individual forces must be nurtured to attain not as in a “yin/yan” balance but more of a balance with the world surrounding it so that these forces could stand on its own and stand strong. These forces are the roses in the garden. These roses are not the strongest. These roses are not prevailing.. Like the grass next to the roses, it simply serves a purpose of standing alone.

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