I can’t stress how important it is to apologize to your kids. Thank you for shedding light on that. It actually takes pressure off the parents to be perfect. We are all human and we lose our patience. The point is how you handle losing patience that is important. If you are able to look your child in the eye and own up, “I’m sorry I yelled at you. This is why…. Would you help me next time by…And, I will try to be better by not yell at you the way I did today.” A relationship requires two people who are willing to work on it and meet each other half way. Our kids can meet us half way, if we just asked.” Thank you for sharing your childhood trauma. The way that you highlighted the process of how you are owning up to parenting a certain way to break the cycle, the way you have self-awareness of how generations of narcissism then breeds narcissism is very helpful to other mothers who are in the same situation. Sending a lot of love for your healing. And rock on, mama, you are doing great!.

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Writer, Technologist: Tech|Future|Leadership (Forbes-AI, Behind the Code)

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