I love Elizabeth Warren’s proposals. I love the fact that she went after big banks when no one would. I found her voice to be genuinely “American” and so refreshing in the current political climate. Yet, I feel that the upper class would never go for it. It’s because with universal free college education, there will be a narrowing of class differences which is scary for the upper class. The great recession taught me at least, that the middle class in this country was prone to disappear simply because there are too little people in the 1% who wants to stand up for the rest of the 99%. I’m not saying the 1% are somehow “unAmerican”. I’m saying that in the “dog eat dog” world that is today, they want to keep their priviledge. This means that they don’t want to do so much to fend off the middle class who are working hard, getting smarter and can potentially get wealthier. It’s a capitalistic society issue. However, I hope that Elizabeth Warren’s voice can at least give hope to the middle class. Seriously, the middle class is the pillar of boosting GDP in this country. I hope that the 1% realizes this soon.

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Writer, Technologist: Tech|Future|Leadership (Forbes-AI, Behind the Code)

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