I think I’m some what of a pragmatic person when it comes to this kind of thing rather than being an idealist. I have a different view on this. Although I really commend you on the article and shedding light on the fact that we need to do something about corporations that break the law and democratization of our online privacy in general.

So, I do think that there’s perhaps an implicit war going on between silicon valley and the government. For whatever reason, Mark is caught in the middle of it all. Yes, facebook broke the law. Facebook should be held accountable. Will there be a good facebook without Mark is the question? I don’t know all the details but I feel that we as a society should put visionaries to work for the good of our society. They are hard to find creatives. I would say the same about Elon Musk. But, it’s also all the people who works for these people that we need to keep in place for innovations etc..

I do however see the need for politicians to help silicon valley implement AI and other advanced technology in a way that will be humanistic and good for our society and most of all good for the people. Rather than wasting time going head to head on issues, working hand to hand is needed here.. but not for a bigger government or bigger corporate profits but for the good of the people who will be using the technology.

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