I think we are all guilty of offending someone without knowing when we don't recognize the dreams that they are set on pursuing. I think partly why people get together as couples is to have a sense of shared values that will enable them to pursue shared dreams. Marie was never going to be Harry's permanent partner because she didn't share this "core" side of him. I think in some ways she was probably scared of that side of him and chose to crush it instead. This is when women goes into "changing" him mode. Funny how we mature in relationships. After a certain age, you realize that you can't change people and the best thing to do is to help them anyway that you can. I really appreciate you mentioning men crushing women's dreams (sometimes unintentionally). In parenthood, so many women's dreams are lost in favor of parenting the young. You almost need extra effort on the part of both people to help the woman to preserve her dreams or achieve her a dreams. That requires exactly what you have stated, the recognition of her dreams and the ability to provide the support that she needs. Thank you for this article.

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