I’m going to paste my response to one of your FB posts that seems to suggest that FB groups are a waste of your writing time here. This is what I think we are doing here on FB groups and on Medium.

Yes, Medium pays us very little for our efforts. Yes, there are better places to be writing for our own blogs. But, at least Medium is making an effort in compensating and elevating stories.

The “Human” part of Medium is the best part of Medium. The Social part is the best part of Medium FB groups.

In our world of increasing technology, technology generated objective articles will be more and more prevalent. As writers, let’s write those kinds of articles that will elevate the “Human” spirit in which no robot will ever be able to produce.

Those true inspirational voices on Medium fill gaps in our very polarized society that actually make a difference in people’s lives. They champion Medium because it’s a platform that supports that. It’s not just about earnings. Earning a living simply provides a good writer with nurturing to become a GREAT writer.

Here’s my comment on the FB group:

With a supportive group (Medium FB groups), inspirations come and that’s probably the best part of being social. From that inspiration comes GREAT writing as opposed to just good writing. I think that is gold. GREAT writing comes from part hunger and part nurturing. That’s what a supportive group does is to nurture its writers so that they feel the love in which their writing can thrive.

Love and acceptance is the only place where good writers can become GREAT writers.

Btw, GREAT writers write in everything that they feel like writing: news articles, technical pieces, poetry, personal essays, inspirational articles etc..etc.. As a champion of writing in multiple tags, I would think that “openness”, “diversity” leads to “social” and “acceptance”. Thus, leads to both “objectivity” as well as “subjectivity”.

Co-existence in the world of polarization is key to make our world a better place.

That’s what writers do, we make the world better places for people. Kat Kou — thanks for the inspiration for this as I think this comment will become a post at some point.

We are all flawed, and the flaws make us both good writers and good people.

Medium is a nurturing place for us to share our flaws and be beautiful together.

The FB supportive groups are places where can carry on those conversations where we can bond as human beings. Yes it’s a digital place, but with each comment, a little bit of human is littered in between the lines. With each conversation someone’s feelings are validated, someone’s voice is heard and someone’s writing is inspired. It’s difficult to run such a supportive group for writers who write in a diversity of topics. It’s up to the group mods and the members to make the place great.

Empathy, sharing and genuine desire to come together are the key to make it all a success. It’s not an experiment. It’s a home.

It’s a home for people who find some commonality in otherwise a polarizing universe.

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Writer, Technologist: Tech|Future|Leadership (Forbes-AI, Behind the Code)

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