I’m not sure I agree entirely. I actually used Instagram to entertain myself via “funny mommy memes” when my toddler was in such a stage! I found other moms who have accounts with only memes to be really funny and supportive. So, I read the memes for a laugh on a really “down” day in motherhood. We have a family brand for my blog that I find helpful to post preschool educational tips for homeschool. In fact, Instagram play moments of my son got around in our immediate community and ended up giving moms motivation to bring their kids out to local aquariums and local museums during the dead of winter this year. I’m grateful for using this app to generate positive impact like this in my community. But, unplugging myself for a month has also helped me wrap my head around how to use it again when I get back. I’m just saying, there’s both sides of the story here.

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