I’m so sorry for your predicament. We’ve been through it all that you can imagine as well. Not only were we scrutinized by professionals, we were scrutinized by everyone (pretty much) on playgrounds and in our neighborhood. So, I can not say that it gets better since I’m afraid to put mine in school at all. I would say though, be fearless. Write posts like these and get your emotional needs fulfilled. Because at some point, you will feel like an island against the world trying to protect your child and you only have your instinct to defend you.

But, you know what, your child will grow up and those disapproving looks will turn into approving ones. You have an outlet in Medium where you can let the world know how you raise your child.

So, let the world know that it’s not okay to prematurely judge your child. Let the world know that your child is quite all right. So many children are wrongly diagnosed on the autistic spectrum at 2. You can barely tell. I spoke to many parents whose children “grew out” of it at 4 or 5 years old and turns out to be “gifted”.

So, yeah, there are so many children who are outside of the box. Unfortunately, you will experience so many “hurts” from people’s judgements until then. I don’t want to water it down for you. But, we go out only occasionally and when we do, I explain things to people so that my kid’s unusual behavior is not misunderstood. That is all that we can do.

But, the most important part, you are already doing which is “go with your instinct” That is some great parenting. Be proud and stick to your guts about how you feel about your child.

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