It has everything to do our gender biases in our society as you say. Women in tech have failed completely. I am probably a testament of that. More women in leadership will mean more injection of empathy into our corporations. I say lack of empathy in our society also because of the way our society is structured. Any mention of social welfare for the unfortunate are deemed “socialistic”. Any mention of even healthcare for all means “big government”. There’s a contract between our society and the individual. That contract has to be honored in good faith and it’s a two way street. The contract should be that if the individual is true society then society will also be true to the individual. So far, it’s not the case. We, as americans are working hard to do our part for society. But society has not been honoring us. There’s widening social economic differences, skyrocketing loans and burdens on the individual level, no support for mothers to take care of their children, skyrocketting cost of good education. It seems that society has failed to consider the individuals in these cases. That’s when we need to inject empathy. Society has to have more empathy for the individual. Same way in corporations, if we have more female leadership, then at the management level, empathy needs to be trickled down at every level for even the lowest of employees. I have to read more about this in “Heartificial Empathy”.

But, I really want to write more about this social contract between the individual and society. How would empathy, equality and AI plays into all of this?

It’s fascinating to predict, envision and thus find ethics problems to fix before we get to the point of no return.

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Writer, Technologist: Tech|Future|Leadership (Forbes-AI, Behind the Code)

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