just because some people stoop low, we don’t have to all follow. Following the wrong crowd and immoral strategies will get you banned from medium and social media channels. I would be careful about ‘hacking’ excessively and simply focus on writing. Btw, people who have Asian fetishes And gaslights groups of people under the guise of community have probably crossed an ethical line!


There’s a strategy called “fast following” that people such as the owner of MPPF will recommend as a strategy for new writers to use. That is to ride the wave of the current most popular Medium articles by writing posts that are similar (seo-ing on same keywords) etc.. This issue has now caused one of the tech influencers to be banned from popular technology publications and medium has been notified of such behavior. The concensus from editors of these pubs and medium is that “this type of behavior” is not tolerated. It can potentially cause you to lose all the popularity that you have worked so hard to gain on Medium.

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If MKS complains that we have it “in” for him. It’s not true. I have forgotten about this issue until a mail was delivered into my inbox sent by him to One-Infinity pub stating what strategies to use and one of them is “fast following”. As others have complained about this particular letter in various Facebook groups, both Shannon and I are setting the record straight. I dealt with the “fast following” issue myself with other tech influencers. It’s mean to recommend this strategy to other medium writers. There are repercussions to using a strategy that will get you banned. MKS does not think about the consequences and is not mending his group responsibility and ethically.

Sorry, the medium writing community is too important to me to just let this go. I hope that you understand that we are trying to protect people like you too.

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Writer, Technologist: Tech|Future|Leadership (Forbes-AI, Behind the Code)

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