Lessons from Pinterest Marketing

Tips to try and pitfalls to watch out for.

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Those statistics are true.

However, there’s always at least two sides to a story.

The key to success on Pinterest is Tailwind

The first thing I learned while reading endless e-books and blog posts about Pinterest was to use a scheduler such as the Tailwind Scheduling Application. Tailwind allows me to automate my daily routine on Pinterest. I am able to schedule all my pins once a week instead of spending time on Pinterest daily.

Monthly views, Monthly engaged metrics are great. But, Click-throughs matter most.

Pinterest has metrics such as monthly views and monthly engaged. These numbers are great to measure your own account’s exposure and engagement in the community of pinners.

Tracking click-throughs closely is absolutely essential.

There are a number of ways I track my click throughs to my website:

  • Google Analytics — I can group my website traffic by source and see how many page views that I received from my Pinterest account.

Followers are great. But, you need relevant followers.

When I started on Pinterest, I scrutinized my Pinterest account for followers. Getting to 1,000 followers on a new account is the beginning even though many Pinterest gurus taught this as a measure of success.

I have found that only relevant followers matter.

This means that if you are a mommy blogger, only those mommy bloggers on your follower list will matter as far as click throughs to your website. I wish I can remove followers to clean up my list. But, Pinterest does not have this functionality yet.

Affiliate marketing vs brand building

One of the first things that you must decide when you start a Pinterest account is whether to do Affiliate Marketing on your account or not. Personally, I would use a dedicated Pinterest account for Affiliate Marketing.

Ask yourself, are you using your account to build a brand and drive your click throughs to your own website or are you using the account to do Affiliate Marketing and drive click throughs to other people’s websites?

The shady business of Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

On Pinterest, one of the main features of Pinterest is that anyone can duplicate your pin and spread it around in the Pinterest community.

I have read several popular Affiliate Marketing e-books and blogs that name this strategy as the most effective affiliate marketing strategy.

After my initial success on Pinterest, everytime I saw people change the links to my pins, I reported them. I also flagged those pins by putting a comment on those pins. I made a spreadsheet listing those pins.

If you bump into shady business on Pinterest, it’s helpful to email all the information to the Pinterest team so that those accounts can be flagged.

Pinterest Marketing is not passive. It is active.

Most people are under the impression that Pinterest Marketing is a passive process. You schedule your pins on Pinterest and share them on group boards and tribes, then you are good to go.

It it not. It requires active management.

In order to have a “good” Pinterest account that will actually give you the click-throughs that you will need, it’s essential to manage your account to select the best pins, delete pins that don’t work and repin pins that do work.

Be selective on Pinterest

Pinterest is literally a candy store. In that candy store, you are exposed to “too much” information.

Be selective in your process of adding pins, followers and boards to your account.

I know this seems to be extra work that you do not want to do. But, it’s probably the only strategy to gain millions of views on your account.

Take a break from Pinterest

I have read this from many blogger’s websites. Right now, I am in fact on a Pinterest break myself. At the 6 months mark, you will feel a bit burned out by managing your Pinterest account.

It is time to take a break. I took a one month break. Now, I can see with clear eyes what I need to do when I go back to managing my account daily.

I can see clearly how I should manage my account, run new campaigns and reach new audience. During this break, my exposure decreased significantly to 2/3 of what it was before I took my break. But, thankfully my engagement on my boards went down only 20%. I’m not worried. With new strategies in place, I am pretty sure my views will increase again with more click throughs directly to my website.

Pinterest SEO is all about Pinterest keywords

This is probably the best lesson I learned from seasoned Pinterest professionals. Pinterest SEO is used to come up with title and descriptions for your pins. A good title and description will move your pin from the bottom of the search list to the top. Like Google, only pins that sit at the top of the search pins will guarantee click throughs.

Therefore, it’s helpful to make a list of keywords to put into your title and description.

You can also use hashtags on Pinterest. You can use hashtags in your descriptions on top of your keywords. It’s helpful to do both. My description from all my pins are extremely important. For every description, I have a good balance of 10 keywords and 4 hashtags after my summary paragraph of my pin.

Be Cautious

When you are on Pinterest, be cautious. I have seen people duplicate the entire layout of popular account’s pins and use them as their own. Pinterest is a part of the internet. There are bound to be shady business.

  • Call out people who do your account harm.
  • Join Pinterest social groups, group boards, tribes and socialize.
  • Prepare to overhaul your Pinterest account at any time.
  • Stick to good online behavior yourself.
  • Change your password every few months.

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