Loved this article. What you are chronicling is so real. As a woman, I have judgements about fathers shaped by our traditional gender role biases as well.. I’m glad you are writing articles about this.

It would be great to see future articles about “father life”, specifically issues about father’s contribution to emotional well-being of your children that maybe different from mother’s. For instance, role model setting by an example on the playground or when moms say no, why do fathers always say yes. Perhaps, it’s a situation that allows children to take more risks in life which is good for them in general.

I think by highlighting specific cases of how father’s contributing to emotional wellbeing of children’s lives, you can show how mother’s and father’s roles in our “more balanced” marriage and household are being reshaped for the better!

For example: A headline such as “Fathers Can Teach Empathy Too!”

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