Much thanks for writing this article. I may follow it up with another one on similar topics of discrimination. When I left wall street and wanted to venture into Data Science and AI in 2015 after I received my statistics degree, I was basically told that I would never be able to get a job because I’m a naturalized American Citizen. I grew up here (all my life) and have severed relationships with most of the relatives in China. When my parents wanted to move back to China in retirement, I adamantly told them not to. Because I’m an American and I love my country, I hate this war that we have going with China. But, at the same time, I do feel in some ways it is a necessary war that we have to deal with. Now, what is the price Chinese Americans will pay in this war is up in the air. But, people like me are doing the best we can do make contingency plans to support our families. Discrimination is inevitable in this kind of polarized society today. What we don’t need is more heated rhetoric from the top. Every word uttered from the top about “Chinese spies” in our society affects all of our lives individually. Many of us live in American towns and are “invested” in making our American communities a better place. Our children go to school and learn English as a first language. We have contributed to American society like any other American citizen, we deserve equality. If you have suspicions, come at us, ask us questions and let us know your concerns. But, don’t judge us pre-maturely, because every one of us has a different story. We’ve worked hard. We deserve to at least tell our story.

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Writer, Technologist: Tech|Future|Leadership (Forbes-AI, Behind the Code)

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