Thank you! This is a great article about weight loss. An honest take on the mindset change we will need to maintain our health.

I’ve lost tons of weight over my lifetime. After birth of my son, initially I got back to my regular weight. But, the stress of life in general especially from staying home with my son made me gain the most weight I’ve ever gained in my life in a very short amount of time. I think your body remembers. As a sensitive person, I’m sure my body is traumatized by the birth of my son, the year of breast feeding and the hormone changes associated. It’s also still traumatized by carrying him, him using me as a jungle gym etc.. activities from motherhood. I don’t regret any of all of that. I think this is a necessary stage in a woman’s life to be “fat” and still feel okay. I know weight loss won’t be easy here after. It will be a slow process. But, I think most Americans see “hope” in the diets even if they don’t work in the long run. That hope is what motivates Americans to go through these transformations to lose weight. It’s not just to maintain “thinness”. But it’s about learning to persevere through something. In that sense, the “Biggest Loser” serves its purpose.

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