Thank you for writing this. I really appreciate you chronicling your experience at the executive level to speak about misogyny. So many people (like me) who worked in cut throat corporate america knows that dealing with misogyny and figuring out ways to work around it is the often the only way to the top. But, for the next generation, it is not. I hope it is not. The next generation will have more choices and more leaders who are kind at the top.

The diverse voices on Medium are the reason that I write here. I wrote a poem about how minority voices are now promoted on Medium when the logo changed its colors because I was inspired by Medium’s strategies with its publications.

Like you I write: personal essays, poetry, technical articles about programming, data science, science, business, marketing, parenting and mental health. I’m not a one trick pony. I love it.

I worked for this person (the person who wrote the article that inspired this article of yours) at a facebook group that he started for a community of writers. The experience reminded me of my days in corporate america which I also quit because I had to deal with PTSD.

I have since quit the FB group and unfollowed this person on all social media outlets. Although I’m still grieving the loss of a friend who had a kind heart for some time that I knew him, I’m shocked and appalled that I was once again serving someone who could write this kind of vitriol. People are complex. There’s the Jackle and the Hyde. But when the dark side comes out, we can’t condone that. Due to this incident, I have gotten a bit of practice at standing up for what I believe in.

Writing is a reflection of one’s personhood. I believe that very much. Being authentic and true is a must. This is how people trust you when you communicate in public. As a writer, I believe in a kind of writer’s integrity. Once this integrity is lost, then the writing does not mean much anymore.

This goes for writing that is generated by a machine without any soul. This goes for writing that incite hatred. This goes for writing that is meant to be divisive and strategically written to take down the competition.

I want to thank you wholeheartedly for writing your article. It has made me see that I also need to deal with my patriarchal bias that I accumulated in my years working in corporate america. That patriarchal bias led me to condone behavior from men that repeatedly violate my values as a writer and as a person. I’m glad that I’m finally snapping out of that and setting boundaries with these types of people.

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Writer, Technologist: Tech|Future|Leadership (Forbes-AI, Behind the Code)

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