Thanks for sharing your wisdom. I found this resonating lately. In some ways, I’m embarking on this journey a bit late in life. But, nevertheless, I am grateful to be on it — that is the journey to learn from some amazing minds. Having taken the “safer routes” in life, I often feel that I can not live my life unless I embarked on this journey that I am on now. I think that is when people truly understand how much ambition and mastery means to them. Not everyone will go on this journey. This journey is very difficult. But, when you are up there, you will see the big picture. That big picture sometimes is even more difficult to manage. But, nevertheless, you are there because you would not be anywhere else. That is what is special about it. Thanks for this article that brought a lot of perspectives together for me.

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Writer, Technologist: Tech|Future|Leadership (Forbes-AI, Behind the Code)

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