The Delicate Balance In Childhood Learning

How I learned to balance motivation and inspiration while teaching my child.

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My job is to pull him back ever so slightly.

It is a creative process.

This is what I would call a meltdown from my son’s inability to handle the emotions from his “creative frenzy”. The “creative frenzy” comes from his own overactivity.

Now I can see the signs. Now, I found the cause. Now, I’ve learned to pull back.

But I didn’t help him. I told him, “If you can climb by yourself up there, then fine. Mommy can not help you.”

All of that requires what I would call his 3 years old brain.

But, not only did he do it himself, he was stuck at various points of his climb, he still worked out all his difficulties with ease and completed the climb.

He had fun because this whole challenge was easy to conquer now. He was ready.

He would’ve been afraid of the heights. He would have fallen on his butt because he couldn’t handle the momentum at sliding down such a steep slide.

Until then, as parents, in order to foster fun along with learning, we can do them a great service by pacing their learning needs while guiding them on their path.

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