The Mysterious Garden

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Early dew condense,
accumulating droplets
on each strand of
grass in the yard.

A yard that’s labored
with love and care
still wants to know
the cherished soul
that values its

That cherished soul
weeds the yard on
his days off with
hands that blister
and harden. His
only reward is
seeing the green
pastures flourish.

In the spring, the yard
smiles of a garden
full of blooms. The
yard remembers
the work, the hands
and the elbow

Who is this man
who cares deeply
for beauty and life’s

The yard watches
the man, peeling
the layers of his
mind to discover
his truths.

With curiosity of
every bloom, is this
a dream or in the
taste of sweet
bitter grass, there’s
tenderness and
discoveries, beyond
discoveries that
can be found?

About the Author

Jun Wu is a Content Writer for Technology, AI, Data Science, Psychology, and Parenting. She has a background in programming and statistics. On her spare time, she writes poetry and blogs on her parenting website:

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Writer, Technologist: Tech|Future|Leadership (Forbes-AI, Behind the Code)

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