The Wall of Encapsulation

A poem about the OOP concept of encapsulation that we practice every day for survival.

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My wall, a distinct bodyguard
with arms out, chest forward
pushing south against changes
that bind my future to its outer

It demands the encapsulation of
cores, souls, values into
crystal vials of truths storing
them in the private closet of

The closet rattles of baseboards,
heat lamps, canned foods of
survival in life’s winters that
only my wall will acknowledge.

To stare at the face of impending
doom is to allow the getters
and setters into the private
clauses that govern my passion

Instead, I steer the spears of
those getters and setters to point
directly at my eyes where
my pupils reflect the anger
and outrage with words of
guiding truths that
trace the moment of my

About the Author

Jun Wu is a Content Writer for Technology, AI, Data Science, Psychology, and Parenting. She has a background in programming and statistics. On her spare time, she writes poetry and blogs on her parenting website:

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Writer, Technologist: Tech|Future|Leadership (Forbes-AI, Behind the Code)

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