This is such an amazing piece. I did not know the science behind all of this. We practice montessori education at home. I pay close attention to “follow my child”. When he was little, he was a very active toddler. I did yoga with him. I wrestled him and played with him as he wanted me to. It was all to set him on the right “sensory” path. He had sensory issues. So, even though I dreaded how painful it was for me to physically play with him, I did it. I was his jungle gym during his gymnastics sessions. I was his yoga partner in our partner yoga sessions. I let him sit on top of me to eat all the way up until 3 years old. This is all to compensate for the fact that he didn’t have a sibling. He just had me. It’s so amazing to see the science behind all of this. I knew sensory fulfillment was important for him. I saw the effects of establishing emotional safety for him. But, I never knew the chemical effects of all of this. Thank you so much. Your article really reassured me on my parenting journey. Sometimes, parents really do know best. The love we have for our children unleash a kind of miracle work that we do for them. Most of the time, we instinctively know the “right thing” to do. Your children are very lucky to have you. I run a parenting publication called “Home Sweet Home”. You are welcomed to submit to it if you like. Our community of parenting writers would be honored to read your writing.

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