This is the key. Thank you for saying that. We are all too rushed to fulfill some kind of perfect idea of life. But, in reality, it's when you are living on the edge of things and asking for too much that actually doesn't allow you to form long term relationships. Long term relationships are all about give and take. One person does more here, another person does more there. One person gets to fulfill this part of themselves, another person gets to fulfill another part. It's all about getting enough happiness every day from the relationship. There's no ecstasy but rather joyful moments staggered over the years through connections. To maintain the connections, you have to communicate openly, honestly, and often it will hurt when words are exchanged, but it gets you to happy compromises and that's what matters, it's to keep going.. and not the short term fireworks.

It's to be open to adjustments when needed. It's also about drawing enough boundaries to know when it works and when it doesn't.

Very insightful article.

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