This Is What You Need As a Single Parent Working From Home

No, it’s not childcare, money, or productivity hacks.

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Beverage of your choice

This is about control. You can’t control most parts of your day. However, that water bottle, what you have in one of your hands while juggling tasks with the other, that is controllable. For me, this beverage of choice is coffee. I long replaced my fruit infused water for plain old fashioned water. Any concoction that takes more than 1 minute to make is not worth my time. Frequently, I’m downing 3 cups of coffee just to have enough of a “lift” to persevere the sleep deprivation.


Without adult interaction for most of the day, it can be easy to overthink all your problems. With your child interrupting your set schedule to get your work done most days, you are constantly feeling “not enough”. You are always rushing to get things done.


I lucked out in that department. Because of the skills that I had from my previous career, the abundance of life experiences, and the resources I have at my disposal (internet, stable housing, car, etc..), I’m able to start at jobs that had growth potential. These jobs allow me to break my cycle of poverty and help me keep my optimistic mindset. Without the jobs that will eventually pay a sustainable level of income, I’d probably lose myself in the process.

Nurture & Understanding

One of the issues with being a single parent working from home is that you are often misunderstood by others. They question your choice of staying at home. They question your choice of being a single parent. They also question your choice as a parent. Somehow, our society doesn’t like when one person decides something. It must be decided by a family — implying multiple people.


As a single parent working from home, time is not on my side. Often, the difficulty in my war on all fronts is the lack of time. As I am trying to squeeze another hour into my workday by waking up early, I’m aware that I am performing magic tricks at the expense of my health. Every day, I don’t pray for material goods, I pray for more time. I want to spend more time on my projects. I want to spend more time with my son. I also want to spend more time working. Most of all, I want to spend more time taking care of myself.

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