Ways To Handle A Toddler

Don’t hold your breath. These tips are not for the faint of hearted.

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A big thank you to all the parents, grandparents and neighborhood teachers who shared their wisdom with me.

Do not trust your toddler’s words.

Bribing your toddler has its place in parenting.

When your toddler wants to eat foods you don’t want to share, tell your toddler it’s spicy.

Trump is what happens when you always give in to your kids’ temper tantrums.

Cherish the day you buy your first minivan because that will be the last day it is ever clean.

When your toddler starts to cry for no reason, ask your toddler: “Did you poop?”

Do not under any circumstances play ball with your toddler inside the house.

Dress your toddler in tomorrow’s clothing when your toddler comes out of the bath at night.

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