You made a good point. I had to think about it a week to respond. But, here it is. Our governments and policies that we make have to take account of the times that we live in. Under extreme circumstances, what is more important? Saving people, saving our economy or the terms we use such as “socialist” or “democratic”. The truth about democracy is that without food and shelter, a democratic society can not function as a democratic society.

People need to have a baseline livelihood in order to exercise their freedoms. You have to give people that along with hope so that they don’t turn into crime and short term means to gain that livelihood.

I don’t see another choice for the government. What’s lost on everyone is that the government (presumably, the good part) is continuously fighting the evil forces of our society and our world.

In order to not lose ground to these evil forces, the government has to in some level help people to secure their livelihoods. When evil starts to wade into the waters, it will take an exponential amount of money for the government to come in to clean it up. When this happens, it will be an “inflation” on the entire economy. It will be an “inflation” none of us can afford.

So, honestly, I don’t care if you call me a “socialist” by this policy that I’m putting forth. I am simply asking “not as a democrat or a republican” that people consider these types of policies in light of this “unusual” situation that we have and not discounting these types of policies simply because they are afraid to be called a “socialist”.

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Writer, Technologist: Tech|Future|Leadership (Forbes-AI, Behind the Code)

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