You should consider how sensitive you are and how affected you are from your previous experiences before placing judgements on yourself and your experiences. From what I understand from watching others and my own experiences, trauma is a broad term describing a recurring nightmare that you live in that affects your mental health in such a way that contributes to you making bad decisions in other parts of your life. Trauma can be the source a broad spectrum of mental health issues depending how actively you have dealt with the trauma. A trauma from 20 years ago can still seem like yesterday if not dealt with at all. The effects of time spent locking it away can enable it to grow to unprecedented proportions. This is why therapists are usually recommended to work with old issues, childhood issues. Once you have that sorted and learned coping & dealing mechanisms, then you are try to deal with adult issues yourself. But, in any case, I hope you give yourself more of a chance to process your issues, with a nonjudgemental eye. And be kind to other people's experiences, no matter if they are dramatizing or not. Sometimes dramatization is a part of borderline personality disorder that is caused by trauma in the first place. Some women recover from that and manage their symptoms. Sorry to write a post on your article. But, just have seen so many female writers dramatizing their trauma, but I feel that speaking helps them heal in one way or another and is better than not speaking up at all. That is all.

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